Dental Implants

No one likes to loose a tooth. In days gone by loosing a tooth meant you had to wear a denture or you had a gap in your smile. With modern research and technology we can now replace the missing tooth or in fact many or all your teeth with dental implants. We work closely with dental implant specialists to plan the best way to replace any missing teeth and dental implants. The dental implant can then be placed in the most suitable site of a healthy bone in the jaw. Once healing has occured we can then make a ceramic tooth which is attached to the dental implant. The result is that the implant is generally stronger than the teeth they replace. They also look very natural and enhance your smile. Dental Implants can replace one or more missing teeth and can help support dentures. Dental implants can restore the original function and comfort of your mouth and provide excellent aesthetics to enhance your natural smile.

There are two parts to an implant as per below

- The titanium post which replaces the root below the gum

- A restoration which is attached to the titanium post which is a crown, bridge or fixture for a denture (above gum line)

The Implants process consists of three stages and can take at least three to six months.

- The titanium post is placed in the jaw bone and allowed to heal and integrate with the bone. A referral to an experienced specialist is offered for this procedure

- Once the Implant is ready for restoration (3 months), your dentist will take the appropriate records and impressions of the Implant fixture. The work is sent to a local Adelaide Dental Laboratory.

- The crown is attached to the Implant completing the procedure and providing the patient with a long term solution to their problem.

The advantages of Dental Implants

- Improved Cosmetic & Comfort

- Does not require grinding down the natural adjacent teeth

-  Implants provide a stable foundation for the new tooth, bridge or denture.There is no need for paste or glues to secure dentures.

We work with Adelaide based  dental technicians to provide the best results , giving our patients a dental implant that looks, feels and functions naturally

The clear choice for a better smile

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